Design your Own Converse

Show to the world you own exquisite style and appearance. Clothes make you an individual and so does the way you dress up your hair. Why then must your shoes be any different? If you are wearing something as funky as Converse shoes then you should definitely grab the opportunity to Design your Own Converse. Each of the Converse shoes were build to withstand certain conditions and to be used for specific activities.

Design your Own Converse

The Converse home page gives Converse enthusiasts the benefit of a web application that allow you to design a Converse in your own style.  You can completely make a pair of Converse a depiction of your personality. To start off, pick your favorite style namely Lo-Top, Hi-Top, X-Hi or Slip-on. The materials are the next important step, one which would give you the most comfort; solids, suede, canvas and leather.

The type of Converses are especially important, many Converse enthusiasts harbor a loyalty to their favorite brand name Converse, Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, Skate, Converse Red and so many other shoe outlines to choose from.

Once you have the shoe outline, you can really begin to design and recreate a Converse. There is a rainbow palette for you to choose the color for the base, accent, highlight and body. You can then view the results of your creativity by using the movement keys to study the shoe from all angles.

Other aspects of your Converse can be painted like the inside body, the heel stripe, the tongue, the lining, the rubber sidewall, the racing strip, the stitch, and the lace. An added bonus to the feature, you can embellish the heel stripe or the outside low rear with custom text. Why not add a personal message or motif on your shoes. The personal iD option is very appealing to fans; numbers, letters and spaces mixed with a trendy color that define you can be etched into your creation.

You can engage in this fashionable endeavor for a reasonable price of $60. Let better sense prevail by permitting professionals to take a gander at your creation lest you end up with clown shoes.

Your finished product is then added into the car and is followed by a confirmation page for you to fill in your personal details.  Review the product price and shipping thoroughly, you may enter promotional codes if they are available.  This page is especially useful for those ordering for a group as they can select the different sizes and the color mix for each individual person.

Additionally, there are the offerings of free sizing on selected shoe styles. Move onward to the billing and shipping portion. Ensure to fill out meticulously the necessary fields, pressing the continue button after you are done. Add pertinent information in the Delivery and Payment segment of the site. You can expect the arrival of your personalized shoes in three to four weeks. Be a celebrity in your own right by sporting your own unique brand of Converse shoes.


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